NewsBlur for Feedly Users

Is there an introduction to NewsBlur for Feedly users? What I’m seeing onscreen seems cluttered and restrictive. I would like to be able to move through my feeds quickly. Thanks.

Hi, I’m glad you’re trying out NewsBlur! There’s a couple good resources for you to use:

  • Read the FAQ, it has lots of NewsBlur-specific notes: Frequently Asked Questions
  • See the keyboard shortcuts, they let you fly through feeds and folders: hit ‘?’ on the web app

Also, most of the interface is configurable. There’s a couple style menus that will let you adjust sizes and spaces.

I made this jump a few months ago, and it has been great! Feel free to ask if you have any questions or specific issues.

NewsBlur and Feedly take very different approaches, Feedly’s desire to waste as many pixels as possible on whitespace and hide the useful stuff as far away as possible is what finally pushed me into exploring other options once again (although I’ve had a NewsBlur account since 2013 as well, but it was largely idle/inactive).

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