NewsBlur email client

So, after the newsletters for NewsBlur has been released, I suddenly got an idea today.

I would love to be able to manage ALL my emails in NewsBlur.
Just like an email client like Outlook, I’d want to hook my gmail up to Newsblur and manage my mails there.

I’d like to hear Samuel’s thought on this.

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Zawinski’s Law: “Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail."

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Before I decided to go into hardware (launching mid September) I was planning to launch an email client. But I decided there’s a limited future there and besides, I don’t use email in the traditional sense since I don’t work on a corporate team. I often send email only to 2-5 people, and that’s a completely different workflow than corporate teams that needs bigger rulesets and filters. 

I think it would just end up like Gmail but with easier to create filters and filters that auto-suggest themselves, so when you are added to a new group of emails (say, a new project) then they are auto-categorized and filtered so you can focus on groups of email.

I’ve given this some thought and if it turns out somebody else wants to build it I would strongly consider joining them.

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