Newsblur doesn't like Arts & Letters Daily's RSS feed

Hi. Newsblur seems to not like Arts & Letters Daily’s RSS feed. I can subscribe to it by manually copy-pasting the RSS feed’s URL (Newsblur can’t find the URL by its own from the website), but then when I go to the story list, it displays the first page. When I go to the site’s settings and click on “parse this RSS/XML feed”, It gives “There was a problem fetching the feed from this URL.”.

Please look into it, the articles on Arts & Letters Daily are a pleasure to read and I am sad to miss them.


That’s odd that you’re getting a parse error. I am finding a worse error, and it’s that this feed is reporting every story to be the same, which means they are getting overwritten by each other.

It’s one thing to not specify a story permalink, but this feed is actually pointing each story permalink to the same url. So NewsBlur interprets this as a story rewrite, which in the vast majority of cases it is, since the permalink is an explicit field.

It just means that they wrote their RSS feed by hand and made a mistake. I went ahead and emailed them to try to get it rectified. I’ll let you know if they respond.

Thank you. I would really like to get Arts & Letters Daily into Newsblur one way or another. More so seeing that there are 373 subscribers in Newsblur. In Google Reader I was getting their RSS updates just fine.

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Same problem for me. Love Arts & Letters and previously followed it on Google Reader but, although the site shows up in my list of feeds, the article count is always zero and if I click on the link, Newsblur freezes. Originally imported Google Reader links, but tried manually deleting and re-importing Arts & Letters from Newsblur itself, but no improvement.

I managed to follow Arts & Letters by following their Twitter Feed through RSS. I’m using the following URL:…+ .


Thanks so much – just tried it and it seems to have worked!

The twitter feed doesn’t work anymore, you could try…

@Harrit - Many thanks for the feedsanitizer recommendation. It looks like it works.

My previous solution appears to be broken, but this will work:…