Newsblur doesnot display using Google Chrome and Norton Identity Safe

Newsblur will not display unless Norton Identity Safe extension is disabled when using Google Chrome. This has been happening for about 5 weeks. Please see screen shot of the errors generated when Identity safe is enabled.

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They must be modifying the page somehow. Not sure there’s much I can do about it, since they are injecting crap into the app.

I installed Norton Identity Safe and Newsblur still works fine for me in Chrome.

I do see a difference though, the Norton toolbar. I don’t have despite it being enabled, with a bit of searching I find that it doesn’t show in Chrome 32 due to a compatibility issue.

So that leaves us with two things to try at this point.

  1. Try disabling the toolbar. You can do this from the Norton Identity Safe application. Open the app, click the cog in the bar at the bottom and then untick all the Toolbar Options and restart chrome to be safe.

The toolbar doesn’t look very native to Chrome and quite frankly I’ve never seen a Chrome extension with a toolbar before (though Chrome is not my browser of choice) so it is possible that it is actually being injected to the page itself which would explain how it can mess with the site.

  1. Make sure Chrome is up to date. It’s way more likely Norton is at blame here but it’s never a bad idea to keep your browser up to date.

There are known issues with the Norton Identity Safe extension and Chrome. They didn’t use the Chrome APIs and so when there was a code push it broke their extension. Norton has pushed out a few updates that supposedly fix it, so if you haven’t updated the extension lately it’s worth checking out if there’s an update.