NewsBlur display issues in Chrome

Running Chrome 33.0.01750.146 m on Win 7. Within Chrome things do not display correctly if at all. It looks to be a CSS issue. I have tried creating a new profile in Chrome and the same issue. NewsBlur still works in Firefox but prefer Chrome. NewsBlur still works in Chrome on OSX.

This is what I see in Chrome on Win 7

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Using same version on Win7 and everything fine. Any extensions installed? Proxy server? Force fresh with Ctrl+F5?

Extensions installed - I disabled all. Then tried on a completely fresh profile from Chrome. Same issue.

Attempted force fresh - no change

No proxy server

Can you check your development console to see if there are any issues? Can you post a full screenshot?

Looks like a font issue, but I don’t see why the stories are also messed up.

Dev console reports no issues. What do you mean by full screenshot?

And after a reboot (or something over the weekend) things are fine today.