NewsBlur Android App doesn't combine duplicate feed stories; web version does

While the browser based Newsblur site can aggregate duplicate RSS news stories under a single folder, the Newsblur Android App does not, resulting in multiple duplicate feeds…

In this case, I have two feeds nested under a single folder. As you can see from the screen shots, the web view of the entire folder shows one story, but the Android App shows two.

Web screen shot, showing single stories

App screen shot, showing the exact same set of feeds, but stories are duplicated

Is there a way to “fix” the Android App to match the way the web based newsblur site displays nested folders of RSS feeds with duplicate stories?

The feeds that are duplicated under a single folder with the “Overseas military spouses struggle to continue teleworking for their federal agencies” story are


I’ll be honest, I’m quite surprised there’s a difference between web and android. There not only shouldn’t be, but unfortunately the way it is intended to work is to show the duplicates because they came from different feeds. So in fact Android has it correct and as soon as I’m back to work in a week I’ll try and figure out why.

But newsblur doesn’t offer any deduplication of stories unfortunately. Not yet and not until I can figure out a better heuristic for what constitutes a group or dupe of stories.