Newsblur and Android "Greader" and Credit Card Receipt

Hi, two questions:

  1. I purchased a premium subscription ($36 per year) by credit card. Will I be receiving a receipt by email?

  2. I used an Android app called “greader.” In past, this app took its feeds from Google Reader. Can I use the app, which I like a lot, to obtain its feeds from Newsblur?



Greader is the best mobile reader app ever. Incredible usability. I happily bought the paid version. The gulf between it and the android newsblur app is my main hope for improvement for the already amazing Newsblur website before I subscribe.…

I see Newsblur has an API which would probably do the trick. I was planning on emailing the Greader developers and asking them to support the Newsblur API. I recommend you Rusung Tan, and anyone reading, do the same. Greader for mobile/tablet using Newsblur API and Newsblurs website for desktop would be RSS HEAVEN!!

I’d also like a credit card receipt to show how much has been paid, the email merely thanks me for upgrading to Premium account. Proof of payment would be useful in case of a query.