Newsblur 5.0.0 : Ipad crashes


I updated to Newsblur 5.0.0 but after a initial use without problems, the app is now crashing at each start.
This is on an Ipad 3 with iOS 9.2.
I restarted the Ipad without success.
I reinstalled, I can now enter my login, see very rapidly my feeds, the syncing begins and then the app closes. If I restart the app I have to reenter my login informations and I get the same behavior.

The only change I made during initial use was changing the browser from Chrome to Safari in-app.
Sorry the bring some bad news.

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Same problem here, on an iPad 4 with iOS 9.1. Newsblur 5.0.0 crashes after a second or so (somewhere around “Counting is difficult” and “Syncing stories”).

The new version works fine on my iPhone 6.

Hello, I just wanted to confirm this problem. I updated the newsblur app on my ipad air 1 running iOS 9.1 and the app crashes whenever I try to manually refresh/sync the feed.

I just fixed a major crash last night and will be submitting it later today. I may also choose to distribute it over TestFlight. Just to confirm the fix, what’s your usernames?

my username is agrant

Ok, I can’t reproduce any of the issues you are seeing. The issue I fixed was opening folders or feeds with no unreads that are also set to Unread Only.

I was able to load your feeds, agrant, with no issue on an iPad. Can you tell me how many unread stories you have when this happens? I see four unread stories, and they all load fine.

My username is kurufinwe (same as here).

If it helps, I’ve posted one of the crash reports here:

By any chance is there a .SYM file there? I can only desymbolicate the iOS framework, not the NewsBlur app.

Future releases will have the debug symbols embedded in the app (considering NewsBlur is open source, no reason not to). But for now I need that .dSYM file.

I got the log by syncing the iPad with iTunes, i.e. <>. There doesn’t seem to be a SYM file there.

I shot a short 1 minute video to show the app force closing. It force closes once you try to refresh the feed manually after you read all the latest stories. Sorry about the background noise I’m I a public place. Also sorry about the files size, I forgot to turn off 1080p record.

Hope this helps, I’m not very tech savvy

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Bingo, it’s because you are out of stories and the view is Unread Only. This is the issue I fixed. Everybody else experiencing issues, can you confirm you have 0 unreads?

That’s right. It doesn’t crash as long as I have some unread stories.

I had 0 unread  when the app crashed.
With at least one unread the app is  working.
I’ll leave one unread till I get the update.
Great support.

I have exactly the same problem under the same circumstances.  The only way it will open without crashing is if new unreads showed up before the start.  Note that it does not make any difference if you palm-swipe and kill the app.  Still fails until the first unread shows up.

Yes, 0 unreads.  Any notions on when a fix might be available?  

Just submitted a fix to Apple and asked for expedited review. Should be a couple days or less.

Same problem here. iPad mini 2, iOS 8.0. Crashes right after start. Downloaded the new app update less than 10 mins ago. I have at least 300 unreads.

I just saw the post about it taking a couple of days to update the app in the store, sorry. Hope it will fix my issue, too.

also crashes on startup since update, iPad 2, 8.4. Crashes after Newsblur logo. Lots and lots of unread items.