Newsblur 4.0 for Android is broken to the point it is unusable.


I’m running Android 4.0.4 on a Wiko Cink Slim phone.
I updated Newsblur on my Android to version 4.0.0 yesterday.

Since then, the app behaves very annoyingly:

It starts by syncing feeds, that seems to work normally.
Then, it starts syncing stories, that seems to work normally too, except that after the “syncing stories” message disappear, the I’m-doing-something wheel at the top right of the app is still rotating and rarely wants to stop.

Then I go to “All stories” and start reading the first one (my settings are : older first - unread only - text). I then go the the next unread story by swiping to the left (I also tried using the “next” button).

What happens here is that at some point, the story I’m going to is not the next one but a seemingly random one that I already read and then it continues from that already-read one (but the same thing can happen again from there).

It also seems that many stories are not marked as read properly, and the displays are inconsistent between the “All stories” screen and the “Main” screen. Before the update, going back to the main screen and then clicking “All stories” again would list only the still unread ones. Now it lists all of them again (but some marked as read, some not) and when I scroll down and click on a story to read it, it is not necessarily the one that opens, which is really strange.

Since the update, it’s really a pain to use the app, for instance I wasn’t even able to access all my unread stories from the Android app since the update. It may also have forgotten that I kept a particular story unread but that may be due to the other problems (like I may have “read” it again by going to the “next” story even thought the kept-unread one was before in the list).

Anyway, thanks for NewsBlur :).

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