Newsblue Android app bugs and missing features


  1. When entering folder, marking it as read via menu, rest of feeds gets duplicated. Picture 1.
  2. Ghost unread articles in ALL STORIES folder, see picture 2 and 3.
  3. Read articles don’t sync back to server right away.
  4. Holding a finger on ALL STORIES and then selecting “Mark folder as read” crashes app every time.

Missing features:

  1. Mark all as read in ALL STORIES folder.
  2. Missing feeds which are located in root folder, they are only shown in ALL STORIES folder as articles, feed name and unread number isn’t shown at all, anywhere. Should be visible on main screen.
  3. Missing “Mark article as UNREAD” feature.
  4. A way to show already read articles? Sometimes I exit folder by accident and can’t get back to article I was reading.

I have feeling that I missed something, but it will come to me.

This is all on HTC One X, 4.0.3 and 4.1.1 Androids.


Another feature request:

  • add “Mark all (folder) as read” icon next to menu icon, so we can mark folder as read with 1 click insted of menu / mark as read

Great points. All of the bugs and ideas have been marked down for the next version. I’m hoping the Android developer has time later this month.

+1 for Mark all as read in All Stories. Was going to submit this myself tonight.

I have all feeds read now so I cannot check if I can SAVE story from Android app. If it isn’t possible it should be added.

The latest Android app should fix bug no.4 for you.

It also adds feature request no. 1 via a menu option in the All Stories folder.

Feature #3 (mark unread) will come in a future release, but the android app now has the ability to save a story for later as you are reading it. Just go to the menu while in story view. Hope that helps in the meantime!