News not updating often enough, even If I would pay premium


I am looking for an alternative to Google Reader, and I tested Netvibes and Newsblur.

I will be going back to Netvibes because of one reason:

  • Personal feeds not updated often enough.

I am reading my twitter feed via RSS. Newsblur is telling me that my twitter feed will be updated in 32 hours (although it says should be updated every 13-16 hours), and it tells me that if I pay premium it would be updated every 6 to 8 hours.

I would gladly pay premium to get my websites updated once per hour, but every 6 to 8 hours is completely useless for me. During the day my twitter feed gets about 50 stories per hour. Meaning after 6 hours I would miss a lot of twitter news (the rss feed does not keep the stories that long).

How about making an option to pay 2$/month for a specific private feed to get updated every 10 minutes ? (not all feeds)


PS: xkcd gets updated every 10-12 minutes when they actually post only one comic per day!!

Who programmed this algorithm ?

Calculate average time between each story each time feed is fetched.
If at least one premium user is using it, divide the time by 10 and update this often.

XKCD = 1 / 24 hours.
Premium user paying: 24 hours / 10 = 2.4 hours.

Updating every 2.4 hours should satisfy everyone. A lot of server resources saved!

Feeds with at least one premium user get AFAIK updated as least once an hour.

Your calculation doesn’t make sense to me. I expect to get new XKCD comics as soon as possible. I understand that checking XKCD every few seconds is not possible aber if a new XKCD comic gets published, I expect it to be available via NewsBlur within an hour.

Your calculation makes even less sense for sources with long breaks between newly published content. In some cases, NewsBlur would only update such feeds once a week or so …

I think Samuel turned off realtime updates (PuSH) when the rush started, I’m guessing it’s still not back on