Newlines are stripped from elements.

Viewing the original RSS feed leaves them intact, but blogs with snippets of code are unreadable.

Here’s a screenshot of the problem in question:


Apparently get satisfaction totally stripped out the

 from my title.

+1. For example,  OSNews has DOS newlines in its feed, but they are not rendered (either in-app, or on the newsblur website)

== snippet from

      iPhone app purchasers may sue Apple Inc over allegations that the company monopolized the market for iPhone apps by not allowing users to purchase them outside the App Store, leading to higher prices, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Thursday.^M
Apple bloggers obviously kneejerk straight into defence mode in response to this news, but if you actually dive into the decision, the court makes a very compelling argument as to why this case ought to be allowed to continue, that preempts all the usual terrible analogies they tend to come up with and/or parrot from the party line:^M