newblur and feed

ALDAILY.COM refuses to update properly in newsblur. All I get when parsing their feed is an article from 2011. Other rss readers seem to be able to pull all the new articles. Love newsblur, which is why I became a premium subscriber, but I’d be grateful to anyone who can help me figure out why this one site feed and newsblur won’t get along.
Thanks !

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Their feed doesn’t validate. You should contact the publisher and let them know.

I did, but maybe you could add this to the “RSS checker” component you have so that we know that even though it returns a 200 it’s failing validation in your system? So I wouldn’t have to post here to have you tell me that for any random URL.

You know, that’s a pretty good idea. I’ve tried to integrate an RSS validator before but I failed for some reason. That was probably four years ago.