New York Times (NYT) Morning Briefing - new format doesn't display in newsblur


The NYT Morning Briefing newsletter has a new format as of today, 28 Nov 2018. As a result, my newsletter feed in newsblur will not show the HTML format is any view. It just renders the HTML code as plain text, starting with the DocType tag all the way through to the end.


I have this same problem.


Ok I can’t promise that I’ll fix it but I just subscribed to it and will now see it regularly. If I can come up with a solution I’ll let you know.


Appreciate it! Hope you see the problem quickly.


Hey Samuel. I am sure NYT Morning briefing is low priority, but I would really love to have it working again. Just wanted to post a reminder. Thank you!


US and Europe feeds are working but the Asia/Australia feed is still down.


Hi @samuelclay,
the broken parsing syndrome appeared again for me - HTML code gets rendered as text. See here for an example.
Greetings from Austria