New web fonts don't support Greek script

The new Style menu is very useful, but unfortunately 4 out of 6 font choices do not support Greek script. Only Helvetica and Georgia do, the rest (Chronicle, Gotham Narrow, Sentinel & Whitney) default to Times New Roman for Greek text. For those 4 fonts, Greek text is rendered in TNR while any Latin text is rendered with the selected web font, resulting in text with mixed fonts.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

I know that Helvetica & Georgia cover the Sans/Serif options, but it’d be really nice if there were a couple more options that would work regardless of the text script. I’ve seen it happen with Greek, it might affect other languages too (for example Cyrillic).


The same happens with Hebrew script. All the new fonts don’t have Hebrew and default to a very different font. I would suggest that you embed fonts that are more international focused - you have many premium users that have foreign (non-US) feeds. Thank You.

The fonts don’t come with cyrillic, greek, or hebrew glyphs. One of them has options for Cyrillic and greek, but none come with hebrew, unfortunately. And it weighs down the CSS to include extra languages in the fonts.

Hi Samuel,

I understand the optimization concerns but I think this is just one of those issues that cause newsblur to take a knock that’s disproportionately bigger than the damage caused. IMHO it simply tells people either “we don’t find your language important enough” or “we can’t really be bothered to engineer for those strange folks who don’t speak English”.

I agree with Lavi - please consider finding close replacements for Chronicle, Gotham Narrow, Sentinel & Whitney that do support full i18n.