New Version

Samuel-I’ve been running the new iOS version since you sent it to me last week. On iPad and iPhone. I’ve not experienced a single problem.

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Thanks Jeff! I’m making major changes and additions as we speak. I just added a long press gesture to feeds and stories. I also added the ability to mark a feed as read for N days back (triggered by the long press). And more bug fixes than you can shake a stick at. I hope to have a public beta out later this week.

The update I sent out earlier tonight can be considered the release candidate. All known UI glitches are fixed, and performance is up since even the last beta.

Samuel-App started but nothing would load. Received:
On its way…

Deleted App and downloaded previous Version from Cloud. This worked fine. Tried new version again and failed again.


same problem as Jeff.
“on it’s way…” indefinately

If you’re getting indefinite “On its way…” try doing a manual refresh (down-swipe). Fixed it for me, now updates fine.

It still sometimes crashes for me. And The bottom status thing “On it’s way” should be moved to the top. There has been several times where I have to wait for it to finish/go away before I can access Saved Stories.