New to RSS - will Newsblur ever delete older items in a feed if I haven't gotten around to reading it?

Hi, new user here (and new to RSS). I follow a ton of tutorial sites and sometimes it will take me a month or two before I get a chance to go through a feed. I just want to make sure I don’t lose any information (auto-deleting, sunsetting, whatever) because I’m not reading it in the timeliest of manner. Please let me know, this is very important to me, thanks!

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Unread Items last 14 days for free accounts, 30 days for paid users.

It’s important to note that – AIUI – only the read vs. unread status is what lasts for that time period. The item itself will last beyond 14 or 30 days … only the indication that you have or have not read it is what is lost.

It’s disconcerting to get two different answers to such a simple question.

I understand your point is that only the indication of whether the item has been read or unread “gets lost” after 30 days (I’m a paid user). I hope that is true.

Beyond that, is there any chance I will lose the feed items down the road? At least, on the newsblur end, by design?

I’m not sure if items will be permanently deleted or not in addition to the unread status automatically changing to read after a certain time, but if you’re worried you can save the story and it should be stored permanently. Either press S while having the story selected or click the little arrow next to the story title and choose “save this story”. You can find the saved stories at the end of the list of your feeds, it should be easy to spot as it is a bit different color than your folders/feeds :slight_smile: