New stories stop loading after the first 7 on single site feed.

If I click on a single site in my list (which is how I mostly browse things), and iterate through stories by pressing ‘j’ after hitting ‘j’ six times it stops moving forward to the next story.

This is really annoying :frowning:

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Are you on Full view (vs Split and List)?

Oh, yes, full view (forgot that was even an option since I only use full view).

Split works okay.

I can’t reproduce the bug. How tall are the stories? Are these all very long stories?

It’s any sized story. It happens in all my feeds; some feeds have longish stories, some have very short articles.

I also have it set to unread only. It seems to only repro there; trying it with all stories it seemed to keep scrolling.

Good news, this is now fixed! Thanks for your help.

Thank you! It is working for me now.

Sorry for the less-than-stellar initial bug report. I’ve been using my specific settings so long I sometimes forget about them being options :slight_smile: