New sort category (+ keyword ability)

Use case: User have a new phone/gadget/whatever and has subscribed to various feeds delivering news. However, currently you can only sort your feed either by oldest OR latest on top (first). This is “ok”, but I think it would be very nice to be able to sort your feeds ALSO by keyword (in the subject line). User would be able to specify up-to 3 keywords / feed (bonus: by all feeds in folder as an extra option :slight_smile: and if such keyword(s) appear in the title of posts, those are put on TOP of the NB feedbox. By having that it would offer an opportunity to specify and NOT to miss anything that is super interesting. Could it make things a bit slower, yes, perhaps.

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Anyone :)?

Hey Timo, I dig this idea but I want to point you to Focus mode which does almost exactly this. When you train keywords, those stories get a green unread count instead of the standard grey unread count. If you select Focus Mode you’ll see only those stories. 

I built Focus Mode at the very beginning of NewsBlur because I wanted the same use case as you described above. I wanted to quickly get to just the stories I knew I liked.

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Ah, fills exactly my use case, thx!