New posts from Thrillbent feed not appearing

The most recent weeks’ posts from this feed are not appearing in Newsblur, although I can see them in the feed source and Newsblur says the feed was fetched successfully today:…


This seems to be working now. (How do I mark this topic fixed? Do I just delete it?)

Good enough. Thanks for updating it.

I’m still having this problem. Newsblur seems to like to decide that a new post from Thrillbent is actually an old post from them that has had some edits done to it.

For example, if you subscribe to “Insufferable”… you can look at the entry “Volume 2, Issue 3” with story modifications turned on… Newsblur will tell you that entry was originally Volume 1, Issue 34, then was “changed” to Volume 2, Issue 3. And Volume 2 Issue 2 apparently used to be called “Volume 1, Issue 27”.

Similar problems exist on other Thrillbent feeds. I’ve looked at the RSS feed and don’t see any obvious reason for this - it passes the W3C validator too.

Still having this problem…

Also still having the same problem.