New items not being displayed, should've been crawled according to statistics

I have a feed (Red Hawk Reader) which according to the statistics pane has been crawled a number of times, but the new items don’t appear in the list.

The last item shown was published on 6/13, but stories were published on 6/15 and 6/16–neither of these are shown (they are shown in Reader).

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It just updated (sometime) today. Any idea what caused it to hang for days?

I just fixed a pretty big bug that affected feeds like this. Turns out the new stories *were* being detected, but they were being merged with stories that were 99% the same. Problem is that 1% was the key to differentiating the stories. So I bumped up a minimum threshold from 100 characters to 500 characters. If this happens again, I can bump it up further.