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When will we get a new iOS version? It’s been over a year & the GUI is getting very archaic. Please. I’d even pay more for a new version. I keep looking at other RSS Reader apps, but I just don’t want to leave. I’ve used NewsBlur web version for almost 2 decades & I don’t want to leave, but I’d love to see a new version taking advantage of iOS 15 since iOS 14 wasn’t taken advantage of either. Please. Thanks!

P.S. I beta test a handful of iOS apps & would love the opportunity to beta test a new version of NewsBlur too. Please just tell me a new version is almost ready to be released.

Agreed, in particular I’d like to see the column layout updated. iPad Pro users would probably like a three column layout while on an iPad Mini in portrait it would make sense to just show the content with the feeds and stories column being a collapsing menu much like how Mail works.

That siad, I feel like it is worth noting that there are several reader apps on iOS that are compatible with Newsblur.

Yes, there are dozens of things I’d like to see too. Yes, I’m aware of many other Readers that work with NewsBlur, but I prefer to support Sam. And, honestly, the web version of NB still kicks ass. It’s just the iOS version for the iPhone & iPad that are extremely outdated. I rarely like to use apps over 6ish months old without an update, but I’m holding out hope that’s he’s working on a brand new app design launch soon.

For the past year we’ve had a big update on TestFlight. It’s still got a couple of UI glitches that were working on but it should be released before the end of the year. I’ll get to work on making that release happen, since Android has seen the redesign for a couple months now.

I encourage you to join the TestFlight if you want to use the latest app.


By the way, this big update has a redesigned layout for iPad which gives you configurability for all sorts of title pane showing and hiding behavior. It’s marvelous.

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Joined! Thanks!