New friends can't quite see every share/comment

This seems to be resolved now, but I wanted to report it because it also seems like it was bugged until a certain set of actions occurred (and I’m not sure exactly which one fixed it).

I’ve been sharing with 1 friend for about a month now. Another friend joined the mix yesterday and friend 1 shared a post and commented on it for friend 2 to see. I (still) don’t see this particular post from 1 in my Interactions pane.
I could see from friend 2’s info page that he replied to the post, but I only saw 1’s initial comment when I went there yesterday.
In trying to figure this out with 2 this morning, I commented on the same thread, and was briefly unable to see ANY comments in 1’s blurblog, including my own previous comments.
2 replied to the same post again, and once both of us refreshed, we now see each other’s comments as we’d expect, as well as the last two comments in our interactions/activity pane.

So, 95% fixed at this point, but still somewhat odd behavior…

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Uhh, that’s one crazy issue. I can’t quite figure out what’s happening. But if it happens again, let me know. I’m trying to get to the root of these kinds of issues before I launch social.