New feature request: Copying links from blogs within iOS app

Samuel : I love NewsBlur, but I have a single request/suggestion for the iOS apps on the iPad and iPhone. Is it possible to modify NB so that we can copy links to blog articles appearing on our feed without having to be redirected to Safari? I would think within the article display, functionality could be added to allow that.

In my previous blog feed reader, I could copy links within the app and skip the redirect. Is that possible?

Thanks to you and Shiloh!

Wayne Beamer

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I think you can do this by long pressing (tap and hold) on the article in the feed list and then selecting “copy”.  From the article view, you can do this by tapping and holding on the article title.

Jeff: Tried this three times… No go. Thanks for the suggestion.

Good timing, I’m in that code. I just added it. Look for a “Copy Link” activity in the send to menu in the upcoming update for ios 9.