New Android release?

The May 21st announcement says that Android was included in the redesign. However, the most recent Android release in the Google Play store appears to be from May 10th. Is the 10th’s release the new one?


There is a new release almost ready to go any day now, we’re just ironing out some final issues to ensure it is a functional as it is fresh-looking! (you can always build from source if you are desparate for an early preview and are into such things)

End of week, for sure. It’s actually at the point where we can release it today, but so far it’s just a paint job. Soon it’ll have feature parity with iOS.

Just curious if there’s been any movement on this…

So, it’s been about three weeks since the announcement and two weeks since it would be ready at “the end of the week.” Just wondering if it’s still in process, or what? Thanks!

You can see the progress here:…