New Android App Woes - Slow Loading

First, thanks for updating the Android app - the new features are greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately the app is not functioning particularly well, even after completely clearing all data. Feeds take an *incredibly* long time to load (on average well over 30 seconds) if they load at all. This was a problem in the old app I was hoping would be remedied in the update. Other Internet-using apps work fine, so it’s not my connection - not sure if it’s the Newsblur servers or something else.

Refreshing the feeds blanks all articles, including those that have already been loaded but have not been read, which seems to greatly prolong the loading process. Maybe it’s a necessity of the Newsblur architecture, but it would seem allowing unread articles to remain loaded and only loading additional articles upon a refresh would save considerable time.

Two minor interface issues: 1. Some icons (the spinning loading wheel and unread and focus buttons) are fuzzy and 2. the spinning loading wheel seems to jump around erratically or start/stop when going through an extended load.

Happy to provide more info if requested. I’m on an SPH-D710 running JB 4.1.2.

Thanks again for your devotion to the product!