New Android app font?

Android 11.0b1 appears to have a couple of nice stylistic changes, but the one that stands out is an amazingly beautiful default font … what is it?

It’s Whitney and it’s coming to all the apps. Check out the upcoming redesign on the web at

Been rocking since I saw the twitter annc recently … and while I did play with the style settings, it wasn’t /clicking/ for me that they weren’t working. :frowning:

Digging into it…

When selected, Whitney shows as some broke-ass serif font. :confused: Something’s wrong.

Disabling cache and reloading, I see GET returning 403.

Disabling ABP and uMatrix results in the same 403 on reload.

Any thoughts on debugging further?

so i went over and had a look, and i really dislike whitney. the style menu at the bottom only seems to affect the text and titles within articles, not all the ui and story title lists. how do i set the ui font back to… nimbus sans, is that right?

Can you post a screenshot? I’d love to see if it’s intended or not.

the regular is… not bad. i like it less than the previous but it’s okay if i have to. the bold is terrible.

Ok, I turned down the bold, although I miss the bolder font. I may bring it back everywhere but story titles.



better. i still prefer the old font.