Need ALL my starred items from Google Reader, please

I have the iPad app and it has transferred all my 110 subscriptions from Google Reader. So far, it looks great! If I purchase the premium version will it be possible to transfer ALL my starred items as well? I have read some info on it but the dev. site is no longer being used (not exactly sure). I just want to be sure I will get all my starred items before I purchase the premium version. Thank you!


Sure, just login on the web and go to Manage > Import.

I only have it on my iPad at this time. I use IE8 (I know… its old) and I don’t think Newsblur runs with that - or am I wrong?

I haven’t checked out the computer versions yet and what I need. I wanted to be sure this is the one I’m getting first.

Also, I thought you only got 64 news feeds with the free version yet it copied all of mine over (110). Are they all imported and only 64 are getting feeds until I upgrade to the premium version?

Only 64 feeds are active, you can change which ones are active somewhere (I forget exactly where). As for IE 8, I’d strongly suggest installing an alternate browser like Chrome or Firefox, even if you only use it for Newsblur. Lots of sites no longer support IE8 so you will need to upgrade eventually :slight_smile: