Near-simultaneous updates not being sorted correctly.

In the feed, updates are usually posted in rapid-fire batches, 5-10 at a time, twice weekly. On the FeedBurner preview there’s no problem, but in NewsBlur, they get jumbled out of order. If this was a news site or something, I wouldn’t mind, but Ava’s Demon is a comic, so the order is important.
I would guess that they all have the same posting time, and NewsBlur gets confused about what should come first based on that.
Is there something else in the feed that NewsBlur could use to sort the updates properly? Or, could you make it that if updates have the same time, they’re then sorted by title?


NewsBlur can only sort by time. It’s baked into the system from end to end, from the database schema and indices, to the redis index table, to paging through sorted hash caches of stories. There’s just no easy way to support sorting by title after sorting by date.

As for the comic, I can only recommend that the publisher add dates to ensure order. I looked at the feed and can agree that it looks like a pain. But the publisher is abusing RSS by not publishing with a date.

Ok, fair enough! Thanks for the info.