Navigating between folders and feeds with keyboard

Is there any way to navigate between folders and feeds with the keyboard? If I have a feed selected and use shift-J/shift-K, it skips over folders and goes to the next feed.

Folder 1
| - Feed 1
| - Feed 2
Folder 2
| - Feed 3

With “Feed 2” selected, shift+J:

What happens:
Feed 3 is selected

What I think should happen:
Folder 2 should be selected

The same thing happens with Folder 1 selected, it goes to Folder 2 instead of Feed 1 like I keep thinking it should.

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Not currently. NewsBlur tends to be optimised for reading by Feed, not Folder, and the current keyboard shortcuts reflect that. It might be something Samuel could look at adding.

If you’re reading Folder 1 and hit shift+J, it will go to Folder 2. If you’re reading Feed 2 and hit Shift+J, it will go to Feed 3.

Basically, NB isn’t gonna change container types on you without you explicitly choosing to do so by clicking one.

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Can this be possible in the future? It slows me down a lot to have to take my hands off the keyboard and move to the mouse because there’s no keybind to do it.