My text gets lost if I leave and return to the app before sharing

What happens:

  • I click “share” and write some text
  • I leave NewsBlur and switch to another app (e.g., go to Safari to look something up)
  • I return to NewsBlur, but it’s no longer on the “Share this story” screen with the large text box containing all the text I had been typing. It’s instead showing the article view, but with the keyboard from the share screen still displayed on the bottom half of the screen.
  • because the keyboard is still displayed, I can’t actually scroll back down to click the “share” button again until I get rid of the keyboard
  • when I leave the article and come back to it, the keyboard disappears and the button becomes accessible, but when I click “share” again, the text box is now empty and everything I wrote has been lost.

This happens to me pretty frequently (I keep forgetting about the bug and absentmindedly leaving the app mid-share), and it’s super frustrating. I usually just give up on sharing at that point because it’s not worth retyping everything. I’d really appreciate if you could get a fix for this into the next release. Please let me know if there’s any way I can submit logs or if there’s anything else I can do to help find a solution

Version/model info:

  • NewsBlur 10.1.1
  • iOS 14.6
  • iPhone Pro 12

Update: I have no idea if anyone else is actually affected by this issue, but just in case someone else is having this problem and comes across this post, I recently stumbled on the following workaround:

When the keyboard gets stuck on the screen, I found I can double-click the article text to load the webpage view, which ends up dismissing the keyboard. When I click “Done” to return to the previous screen, the keyboard is gone and the “Share” button is accessible again. And when I click “Share” at that point, any text I had entered before is still there.

Thanks for reporting this! I know I sat on it for a while but you posted it the day after my daughter was born, so I’m just getting to this now (in reverse order).

We’ll get this fixed! Here’s the ticket: