My problems so far after using it one day...

It will be working just fine, I’m hitting “Next Unread” as I work my way through the unread articles in a feed, and then suddenly hitting “Next Unread” has no effect. More often than not it will happen on the LAST article in a feed, but it also happens in the middle, eg of 50 unread articles, on the 25th hitting “Next Unread” does nothing. Doesn’t matter if I’m hitting story, feed, text. Any idea why? Very frustrating to just get stalled; very frustrating to get to the last article in a feed and not be able to clear it.

I also find it doesn’t update with new articles as fast as Google Reader does…is that because of the recent overload?

Finally, maybe I haven’t played with it enuf, but is there no way to just get a listing of articles, eg their titles/headlines, and be able to skim them, clearly marking them as read? My “habit” in google reader was to (1) display a list for a particular category; (2) quickly mark which ones I wanted to save to read later, eg by placing a star; and (3) then marking all of them as read. I don’t want to see anymore than a headline, I want to mark the ones I want to save quickly without having to expand the article.


Pretty sure its all due to the recent flash flood of users. There is only one developer who has done a great job to quickly scale, and it will only get better.

Also make sure your using the dev server:

Not only does it have less problems, but it has an icon in the top right to change to a list view that I believe is just what you want. Although now that you mention it being able to save a story in this list view with a single click, as you could star in Google reader, would be a welcome change. Personally I would also love if this list view could be saved as a per site setting like reading view can.

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Appreciate that link. I tried it and did NOT experience a single problem of having it stall! It’s how it should be!

As for your third point. I don’t think the current version of the site has the list but in the new version currently in development scheduled to launch soon ( there is a new mode which is basically just the article list as the main view and whatever item you click is show either in full text or feed mode.

Sadly there is no way to select multiple items for some kind of action such as saving or marking as read or unread.

I wish that I could mark multiple items for action, that’s how I’m used to do it in my old read Netvibes but I’ve come to realize (long before I moved here) that all RSS readers have different work-flow and when switching you’ll likely have to do some adapting, maybe change some habits and work-flows. As sad as that might be it’s the way it is.