Multiple records for the same story, only one marks as read, rest remain unread

On hackernews recently there was an article about hashify i think, and it showed in my reader a few times (with the same title) and when i read it, only the first instance was marked read, and the rest even after reading stayed unread. It’s frustrating that some of the stories remain unread. Clicking ‘mark all as read’ fixes the problem


I’m seeing the same thing, since this morning,

I’ve been seeing this since yesterday as well. ( is the article in question - the true link is much too large and I will paste into another post for readability’s sake)

Even when using Intelligence Trainer to make a filter to red-flag the exact text of the title, (Hashify: what becomes possible when one is able to store documents in URLs?) there are other Hacker News articles that I am unable to view. I have 10 green articles showing but cannot view them using everything view or the yellow/green-flagged Hacker News view.

I think the URL changes over time……

I’m not able to click those two links you provided (hashify is only showing me the homepage), but I checked Hacker News and only see a single hashify story on there. Has it gone away for you too?

it has gone away!

That’s kinda too bad, since I have an hour now (during my new year’s vacation) to actually take a look at things.