Multiple instances of same feed, many feeds gone!

I have subscribed to multiple feeds from the Scientific American network at Google Reader is showing each feed properly. However, NewsBlur has somehow redirected many of these to 1 SciAm feed (the “global” feed). As a result, I have multiple instances of a feed called “Scientific American”, and none of my blogs. If I look at a story in 1 of these instances, the story count for each feed changes.

P.S. I’ve been trying to load a screenshot but it keeps freezing!


This sounds like the problem I had - try adding ?sometext to the end of feed url when you add it manually. See…

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Yup, that worked.
Except now I have to do this for 13 feeds.
This definitely needs to be fixed!

NewsBlur is somewhat aggressive in trying to root out duplicates. The problem is that Scientific American probably has a link to their main site’s RSS feed before it links to the topic feed, like you have subscribed to. Could you provide a few examples of these feed URLs or website URLs? I’d be very happy to figure out why they are so aggressively de-duped.………

It only happened when I imported them from Google Reader. It works fine when I add them manually to NewsBlur.

I’m seeing the same issue with the Old New Thing;: RSS URL is…, and the main site is at Using the “?” trick worked great, though - thanks!

I’ve got a pretty good idea of how to make this better. I’m going to build a new Feed Info dialog that contains:

  • The feed address, which can be changed.
  • All duplicate addresses that have been found, and allow you to simply select the alternate address and have that feed save.
  • History of the feed, in terms of feed and page fetches, as well as any de-duping that may have occurred (those duplicate addresses above will probably just have a date on them, but it’s likely to be more confusing with the date if it didn’t occur with you in the driver’s seat.)

I’m definitely still having this problem — the aggressive deduping is causing a more general feed to be fetched and suggested (when I paste the feed URL into the add box). This happened with at the time of Google Reader import, causing about 5 of my feeds to become quite a bit different from what I wanted.

Here are a few examples:… (which 301 redirects to…) turned into the general Adobe blogs feed…… turned into… (which 301 redirects to /teamfusion/feed, which redirects to a broken page) turned into the comments feed… — this one is perhaps a bit more understandable, though I would still have preferred a chance to intervene and stop it from “fixing” itself.

Hit me in a couple weeks with this issue and I’ll implement a forceful de-duper for you. It’ll be a checkbox in the Site Settings dialog that ensures you don’t get de-duped unintentionally. But right now it’s crunch time and I can’t work on issues that affect so few people. I hear ya, and I’ll get to it, but make sure you let me know when things settle down.

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Sure, thanks, appreciate it. I realize you have a lot more urgent things to do at the moment :slight_smile: