Multiple categories with the same identifying string are seen as one and the same.

I’m not sure from reading the RSS 2.0 specification on categories, but it does not seem the name must be unique.

In the case of the above screenshot, the RSS contains two different domain values identified by the same string. Toggling one of them will toggle both tags in NewsBlur. This might not always be what the user wants.

<category domain="">Evolutionary Psychology</category>   
<category domain="">evolutionary psychology</category>   

Not sure if this should be changed or not. But it is something I noticed when toggling some tags.

This could be fixed by either a) filtering by domain or by b) collapsing doubles into a single tag to hide this from the end-user.

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Wow, never noticed this. You gave two very good solutions. I’m just going to uniquify them. No sense in presenting two tags with the same content but different domains. Nobody thinks of them that way. The feed is the domain. Simple.

Also, could you provide the RSS feed address that you’re seeing this on? (I’ll take the RSS feed title if you don’t have the address handy.) I want to test out the uniqueifying code.

Here you go:
Had to check Google Reader for this. You should really add the feed URL somewhere under Statistics :wink:

Feed URLs are in a branch that I’m hoping to finish up tonight. It’s actually a rather big branch that allows folks to fix all manner of feed issues, including changing the feed URL and website URL. There’s a ton involved in doing that. It’s the last feature I need to ship before I work on social features.