Move to next item in a feed using a touch, not a swipe

On my phone, and my tablet, I find I am swiping to the next story with my thumb, and it is feeling a bit like I’m getting RSI. Oops!
I try to swipe using a finger, to vary the motion, but then I need two hands.
Based on what happens in Kindle Reader on my Androids, could there be either a “hot spot area” of the right hand edge of the screen (preferably quite long) that I could just touch to move to the next story? (Left handers may want it configurable for the left side)
Alternatively, how about using the volume up and down keys to move to previous/next story?
Or even previous/next buttons up top where the ALL STORIES legend is?

Hotspot Areas

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This is planned. It’ll be on the bottom left and right, similar to how iOS has it now.

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Great to know its coming.