Move multiple feeds to a folder


I would like to move multiple feeds from one folder to another. Is that possible?



A batch organizer is planned.

Glad to hear it – I’m sorely missing a bulk move and deduplification since I imported a ton of Google Reader feeds, some of which were in multiple folders.

As a simple UI option, a “Merge Folder” command would be perfect for me since I’ve been realizing that I was wasting time on overly-precise feed organization and that some of that is now particularly unnecessary due to the Newsblur training system

Same reason why I too wanted a way to move multiple feeds from one folder to another. I too wanted to move everything out of the folders into the root folder.

Chris - here’s what I did as a workaround. I exported all my feeds from NewsBlur. Opened the export in an XML editor (I used XML Notepad). Once you open it you can see how everything’s arranged in the folder structure, so I just moved all my feeds one by one to the root folder. Takes a bit of time, mostly cut-paste. Then I deleted all my feeds in NewsBlur (this gets rid of the training data too, so that could be an issue) and imported the XML file into NewsBlur. Now all the feeds are in the root folder.