Move mark all read button to bottom on iOS App

I posted some time ago about the button to mark all posts as read in the iOS app, but I don’t remember what the resolution was. Whatever it was, it wasn’t done. The button to mark all as read is way up at the top of the screen, and I can’t reach it with my thumb, which makes it impossible to use the app with one hand.

My suggestion was to give an option to move the toolbar to the bottom of the screen, or at least that one button. Is there anything that can be done? I don’t use the app much because of this one issue, which requires me to use two hands.

Nothing? HELLOOOOOOO! :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s an interesting idea but I’m afraid that customization of the ios toolbar is something that isn’t planned. That’s a lot of work and I have many other priorities ahead of that. If other people want to see this though, please post here so I know it should be prioritized!

How about a pull up to mark all as read? Then I wouldn’t have to reach to the top.

You mean pull down? That’s already set to fetch the feed.

Oh wait, you mean at the bottom of the list? I assume most people have Mark Read on Scroll turned on. Wouldn’t that work? Or do you want to be able to see every story and then mark read?

Yeah, I don’t want to mark them all as read as I scroll by. Some feed readers have a pull up to delete all option. Would that be possible?