Move "action palette" to top-right in desktop

When you open an article in in the desktop/web client, the thing I call the “action palette” (containing Email, Train, Save and Share) appears at the bottom right. Considering this element seems to reserve the entire vertical column space, I wonder if it’d be too much to ask if this could be moved to the top please?

Reason being, I don’t need to scroll to the bottom of (sometimes very long) articles to know that I want to take action, so this would save much unnecessary scrolling.

Thank you!

Most of those actions are also available if you right-click the story title. That should help! You can also use custom CSS with flexbox to force it to the top, but that takes a bit of work.

You won’t even need flexbox. Here’s the custom css:

.NB-feed-story-sideoptions-container {
top: 24px;

You can edit custom CSS in Manage > Account > Custom CSS

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Cheers, thanks! Works like a charm :slight_smile:

FWIW I have the setting where it goes to native browser menu on right-click.