Mouse-over no longer marks stories as read?

I searched and searched to see if something had been updated, or whether there was a setting that I had accidentally tweaked, but I couldn’t find anything.

Hovering a mouse over a story in the feed window used to mark it as read. It made it really easy to ‘clear’ stuff. That doesn’t happen anymore, and I have to scroll down (or click) to mark a story as read.

I’m hoping that I’ve missed something really obvious…?

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Should work fine. Now, there is a setting that allows you to turn it off. Check that it’s not enabled (under Manage > Preferences > Feeds (i think)).

Hrm, I appreciate the help, but I must be absolutely blind…

All I have under Preferences > Feeds for “Mark a story read” has to do with clicking (immediately, w/ a delay, or using a keyboard shortcut).

NewsBlur used to mark a story read when I just hovered the mouse over the feed (and I didn’t have to click). Maybe that was just a glitch and it got “fixed”?