Mouse clicking on Story Titles opens new foreground tab. Can I disable that?

I have not been able to decipher a direct cause/pattern, but sometimes I’ll mouse click on a story title container item (whether it be the actual story title or the preview lines) and it will open the story in a new foreground tab – similar to if I pressed “Shift+V” (Open in New Window). I wasn’t sure if this is something by design or a bug or something I’m doing.

At first, I thought I was accidentally clicking too fast and misfiring a double-click on the story title, but that behavior just opens the story within Newsblur which is fine.

I use Firefox on macOS Monterey.

Update 1: Soon as I post this I got it happen again. It looks like the story title div is getting wrapped in an <a> element. Can I stop that from happening?

Update 2: As I go back and compare the HTML when the behavior is not opening a new tab, it seems that it’s still wrapped in an <a>, so I’m not sure after all.

I’ve noticed this too and I’m not sure what’s causing it. It’s related to changes I made when I launched the Magazine view, but I haven’t figured out what. It’s intermittent but it seems to happen only after i open and close a story in Magazine, Grid, or List view. I haven’t seen it happen in Split view, but it may very well be happening there.

And the <a> anchor tag is related but it’s always been there. I have code that prevents that from taking over the foreground window like a direct link. But somehow that’s not firing here. I’m at a loss and haven’t figured it out but I’m working on figuring out how to reproduce it reliably.