Motor Grader Blades

Edges and end bits to suit dozers, scrapers, graders, loaders and excavators

TIGER have a complete range of blades, edges and end bits, shanks, teeth, ripper tynes, router bits and plow bolts and nuts to suit virtually every machine.  Customer parts can be made to suit specialist requirements.
Dozer cutting edges and end bits
TIGER  have the complete range to suit Caterpillar, Komatsu and all other makes and models.
Hot Cupped End Bits provide maximum penetration.
We stock a complete range of thicknesses in standard and heavy duty.
Our bits and edges are heat treated through hardened, quenched and tempered alloy steel.

Scraper cutting edges and router bits
A complete range is available to suit all makes and models of machines.

· Elevating

· Open bowl

Through hardened alloy steel for standard or heavy duty applications; straight or drop center configuration.
Loaders and excavators base edges and bolt-on cutting edges
A complete range is available to suit all makes of:

· Loaders

· Excavators

· Backhoes

· Standard or Custom Design

· Spade Nose

· Wrap Around Ends

· Drilled for Adaptors & Segments

· Heat Treated for longer life

· Weld-On Corner Guards

· Bolt-On, Weld-On Adaptors

· Specials made to order

A wide range of grader blades is available in two specifications
Heat Treated Grader Blades

· Double bevelled curved, 6" and 8"

· Double bevelled flat, 8" and 10"

· Serrated

· Overlays and underlays

· Scarifier shanks and teeth

· Ripper tynes and teeth

· Molboard liners

Black High Carbon Grader Blades

· High Carbon - Tough for our demanding conditions

· High Level Performance

· Strict Quality Control

Standard or center-line drilled

· Flat Grader Blades

· Curved Grader Blades

· Serrated Grader Blades

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