Most embarrassing question ever

This is a really noob question. I subscribed to newsblur because I had never used a RSS feed before and wanted to check it out. I have never had any problem with any online app before. But I don’t see newsblur. All I get is this page, which although excellent is not the RSS feed itself. How do I get the actual RSS feed up and running? What does a RSS feed look like? How do I get to square one in other words?!

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Thanks Derek. I’m in now - somehow I got lost in Newsblur’s Account application, which seemed a bit circular and confusing to me. Done!
Worst forum question ever!

Don’t be afraid to ask. The community here is very helpful.

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if you have any favorite blog or newspaper, just type its url (web address) into the text box that shows up when you press the + button or the ‘a’ key on your keyboard. You will able to receive updates from them as an RSS feed.

Helen, you need to add your feed using the little “+” icon at the bottom left corner of the page, and then type/paste in the URL of the website you want to follow. For example, the White House Blog is