More unread/oldest issues

This seems to happen with feeds that are frequently updated (BoingBoing, Engadget, Lifehacker, etc). New stories are completely inaccessible in unread/oldest mode. If I switch to unread/newest, I can see the new stories. But the newest story available in unread/oldest for BoingBoing is from the morning of March 19th (2 days ago).


And I forgot to mention that the stories that do show up for these problem feeds are ones that are already marked as read, so they should not be showing at all in unread/oldest. Additionally, cycling through them does not change the unread count (as well it shouldn’t).

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More problems with this today. See below for a screenshot.

(Ignore the line down the middle, that seems to be some artifact of the tool I used to create the screenshot)

I am having this same issue. By default I use the sort by oldest view and everytime I refresh I get the old articles again. This happens with boingboing, lifehacker, and the verge (for instance) though it does it to some extent with other as well. If I delete those feeds it will then start to do it with joystiq. Deleting the feeds and adding them again solves the problem for about a day.

Here is an image from my view. Those lifehacker articles have been read many times and everytime I refresh the view they show back up.

I was having this issue up until a few days ago when I used the set all stories older than 2 days as read function. Basically I had read through everything up to the day before and used this to force those items to never appear again.

This does seem to work – I’ll see if it works over the long term or if it’s something I’m going to have to do every day. :-/

+1 thanks for the workaround

Woah, ok, you have my attention now. This should not be happening (and for all I know it doesn’t!). At least not to my account, which narrows down the possible bug locations.

If it is still happening (and I hope you didn’t use that workaround, because if you want me to catch it I can’t have you using the mark as read function, since it clears out potentially useful diagnosing info), email me immediately with your username, the feed, and a story title (or screen of story titles) that come back as unread or just aren’t showing up. Really, I just need to know which stories are the broken ones.

I know have the bandwidth to finally start addressing the hardest support problems (whew), so please make yourself heard.

For me, it was happening with Ars Technica (…), Engadget ( and Slashdot (…).

I already applied the workaround to all 3 feeds. Will report back if it starts occurring again.

When it started happening it affected Engadget first - suspect because of the volume of posts there compared to the others.

All 3 are set to Oldest First, Unread Only.

Same issue. I also use the oldest first/unread view. I find it happens most often with slashdot and daring fireball, but it’s not confined to just those feed. I haven’t tried the work around yet, so please let me know if you need any more information from me. I would love to get this fixed.

A few more details:

  • The old stories do not add to folder unread counts, but they do show up in the feed view
  • If you click the “All Site Stories” container (or the feed’s containing folder) to view all stories, the old, read stories appear in the story list. They also have the yellow “unread” marker next to them
  • If you click the feed itself, the stories still show up in the list, but they no longer have the yellow “unread” marker. In this situation, clicking the “Next Unread” button will scroll through the stories to the correct next unread item, pausing and loading more stories as it scrolls.

Hi Samuel,

I just made a screen recording showing this bug with my subscription to Engadget. I’ll email it to you, with the information you requested.


You asked us to email you, but did not provide an email address.

My username: terminalmage
Feed: Engadget
Names of a couple problem stories: “OUYA review (founding backer edition)”, “The Daily Roundup for 04.03.2013”

One oddity for me: I see these old ones when I select individual feeds. If I select the folders, I only see the unread items.

This is the situation I see in my Daring Fireball feed (though with the green Focus marker).

-Viewing the DF feed (unread/oldest), I get all stories goring back to Mar-27, all of them “read” except those I haven’t actually read yet, which are way down at the bottom of the list
-Viewing the enclosing folder (unread/oldest), I see all of the DF stories I saw in the DF feed but all of them are “unread”
-The unread count visible at the top of the screen (with the grayed-out look) correctly indicates the real number of unread stories in the DF feed view and the enclosing folder view.
-Viewing each story in the folder view, the unread count decrements briefly then reverts to its previous value, the stories get the I’ve-been-read look.