Mode to view & take action on broken feeds

I recently imported a bunch of feeds from Google Reader. I typically sit in the “Unread” view, but when I popped over to the “All” view to check a few things, I noticed a number of feeds have an orange “!” next to them, indicating a problem. It is absolutely wonderful that I can click on the feed and get a helpful tool to see the recent HTTP error codes, with an option to re-scrape the site to get a new RSS link. Many of these were for blogs that no longer exist. A few were for blogs whose feeds had moved (e.g. off of FeedBurner), but I never caught the change.

I would have never noticed many of these broken feeds – they’re hidden away inside of closed folders. It would be nice to have a mode that lets me see only the broken feeds and repair/delete them.


I was going to ask for much the same feature. I also tend to go straight to my Unread view and, consequently, do not notice broken feeds until I realise that a feed hasn’t been updated in a while.

What would be nice would be an additional section on the dashboard providing a list of feeds that could not be retrieved, if any.

Try the new Organizer on That may help you identify broken sites.

The organiser certainly looks useful. But what I would really like to see would be a dashboard notification so that I know that I know that a feed is broken without having to explicitly go and check.