I love the newsletter feature.  However for more than 50% of the newsletters I have subscribed to I cannot read them on my iPhone in the Unread app (ref  I just checked & see that the can be read in the Newsblur, but strongly prefer Unread to read.  

I’m not sure whether this is a problem at your end or Unread’s or somewhere in between.  

Could you please consider how newsletters could be rendered like other standard RSS feeds.  

Thanks for your consideration


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Well this is a bit complicated. I could in fact render them like other RSS feeds by using the same Text feature and applying it to newsletters. It may not work 100% but I bet it would work. In fact, right now the Text view works on newsletters and you can see it’s not as good at pulling out the text as it is on websites where there’s a lot more meta data.

Also I prefer the view it has now. But that means apps like Unread need to add some CSS to handle it. I’m not sure what the answer is but there’s not too much I can do on my end that I’m not already doing. Unread is free to use the Text view for newsletters, and I would ask them to offer that. But it’s a niche feature so far, so I don’t know that they would dedicate the resources to it.