Missing updates

Several of my feeds are not updating in NewBlur, they show the updates in the “other” reader. Am I missing something in the setup? One in particular is TasteSpotting.



There are two things you can do:

  1. Right-click on the feed (or click the little arrow next to the feed) and click Insta-fetch stories. That will not only fetch any new stories, but fix the feed is for some reason it’s fallen in the 24-hour hole, which can be seen in…
  2. The Statistics view. This will tell you how often the feed is updated, how recently it was updated, and when it’s next scheduled.

Occasionally, a feed falls through the cracks and isn’t picked up off the ground for 24 hours. (I have a check in place to fix feed stat haven’t updated in 24 hours and re-align them.) Insta-fetching will do this re-aligning, but the Statistics dialog is your best bet. let me know what you saw in that dialog. This may hold the answer.

Insta-Fetch did not generate any new postings. Here are my interpretations of both Google Reader stats and NewsBlur stats for what I think is the same feed.


Google Reader Stats for TasteSpotting
feed url: http://www.tastespotting.com/rss
Posts per week: 761.8
Subscibers: 19,764

From the graph provided it looks as though there have been 600+ posts over the past week or so.

NewsBlur Stats:

feed url: none specifed but title is Tastespotting’s Chill-Out Lounge. (url I put in was the same for google reader)
Posts per week: nil since Sep. '10.
Subscribers: 64

It looks to me as though there is a discrepancy on what each reader is finding. Not knowing much about NewsBlur or about editing feed settings I don’t have a clue as to a fix.


I also have this problem with a different feed. Tried deleting and re-adding it, Insta-Fetching, nothing. In the statistics it says it was successfully updated (2011-11-08 21:10:55.947000
OK (200)), although the last post is from February. If I look at the feed with Firefox it looks correct, the entries are there.

feed url: http://henrik.nyh.se/scrapers/sinfest…

Have heard nothing further regarding this problem. A comment by Samuel Clay in this post: http://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/t… would seem to indicate that a solution is in the works, but not sure.

All is well. Tastespotting is showing up fine, although the refresh rate seems to be rather slow. But it is not updating. Thanks for that

You can see how often the site is updating by going to Statistics (right-click on the site).


I misspoke, it is updating. I have to get used to the way it works, but it’s doing ok.
I’m a happy camper now.


It looks like the deduplication is going wild on this site:


If you look at the rss feed, there’s new entries. It looks like the deduplication is finding that the titles are identical to old posts, so it’s throwing them away. Should we try and nag the people on the site to add IDs to the posts? Is there a way to turn off deduplication for just one site?

The publisher really needs to have a valid RSS feed, with valid guids. They are essentially saying that the posts are the same unless they put in unique guids.

Ok, I’ll just switch over to the page2rss feed instead then. it seems to be working.