Missing stories - not just slower fetching of feeds, but skipping items.

Think of this as a bug-report that may or may not hint at a deeper issue with fetching RSS feeds. Concrete example. This is the feed:


In my Newsblur, it jumps from:




… missing the one inbetween. Other readers didn’t skip this item. Of course, 25p89 was released last Saturday, so that probably has something to do with it, but after catching up seemingly with scaling (after all, NB did fetch 25p90) the item isn’t fetched either. Caching issue?

PS: Ok, I’ll be fair, this is the only story where I noticed this, so the plural might be undeserved. But the only reason I noticed this is because I was comparing readers, and because the obvious jump in numbering.


This is also happening with my feed for the Advocate. I’m not getting any of the stories in the Women category.

That story is from March of this year. Anyway, I checked and this feed is fetching all 10 stories in the RSS feed just fine.