Missing images from Substack Newsletter

Hey folks! I’m trying to use the Newsletter feature now and I’ve noticed that some images are missing.

I imagine this happens for other Substack newsletters as well, but I’m trying with this one: https://atalho.substack.com/

If I subscribe to their feed or use Kill the Newsletter!, it works well. But if I forward to my Newsblur newsletter e-mail, then the main image on every post isn’t there.

I inspected the API network call and it’s indeed missing from the HTML of that item. Any idea of what I can do?

I subscribed to the newsletter and will see if I can reproduce the issue.

Thanks a lot, @samuelclay !!

Since we’re here, I’ve been happily paying for Premium since 2014 and never said how much I love NewsBlur. By far the best RSS reader, thank you so much! :heart:

If it helps troubleshooting, just got the new issue of another Substack newsletter and it’s also missing the main image: https://computeradsfromthepast.substack.com/

Hey Sam

Just to note - I am facing the same issue with all my Substack newsletters. My subscriptions include natesilver.net for instance.

I’ll subscribe to these and see if I happen across the issue.

BY the way, I subscribed to the first newsletter back in February, but they sent a confirmation that I didn’t click on, so I never got it. But the Nate Silver newsletter I’ll keep an eye out for.