Missing folders (after moving folders into a folder)

Hello, longtime Newsblur subscriber here. (I love Newsblur!)

I recently moved a bunch of folders into one consolidated folder, because I wanted all of my most important feeds in one place. After making the move to that one consolidated folder, I was horrified to see that every folder I moved, and all of the links within them, were gone!

I can see see the one consolidated folder if I switch Newsblur over from “Unread” to “All.” However, there doesn’t appear to be anything in the consolidated folder. it doesn’t show updated feeds, and it doesn’t even show the folders I just put into it. Again, these were most important feeds. Please help!!

I can always send you an OPML backup of your feeds, so not to worry. As for what happened, did any of the folders have the same title?

By the way, what’s your username? I can email you your OPML that will restore your feeds.

Thanks for getting back to me! Because I wanted all of these folders at the top, all of the folder names started with a number (1 xx, 2xx, etc.). For this ‘consolidated folder,’ I started it’s name with “1” because I wanted it to be at the very top. So, there would have been a folder that started with a “1” inside of another folder that started with a “1,” if that makes sense.

My username is asheaf and this all went down Friday, 7/9, at 3:45. The OPML will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

Yep, one folder name being a subset of another seems like it could be the culprit.

I’ve sent your OPML. Import that and it should bring back those deleted folders. It’s a couple months old, but you won’t lose anything this way. Let me know how that works.


I had the same problem too just now, luckily I made a backup. I hope its on a bug report list.